Very easy to work with!

女人越喊痛男人越死劲的视频Great people to work with, they knew just who I was everytime I called in and did everything I asked.I cannot imagine any other company providing a better experience.Highly recommended!

-Eric B.

A great "family" experience

女人越喊痛男人越死劲的视频Great support staff, excellent artists and great publicity for my idea. I had two serious offers come in as a result of their efforts. An all around great company!

-Michael S.

I love my 3d prototype!

I am still amazed everytime I look at it.I had just the roughest idea in my head as to what it should look like - the Invents artists took that and ran.My idea now looks like it came right of the shelves of a name brand store!

-Samuel G.

Not just blowing smoke!

Invents Company really pulled out the stops with my idea. They totally transformed my product from a sketch to a finished design ready for production. I cannot say thank you enough.

-Gregory P.


Press Releases & Publicity

Our press agents and media gurus will create targeted press releases about you and your invention, and distribute them to newspapers, magazines, major search engines, journalists/bloggers opt-in news subscribers and social media in order to draw as much attention as possible to your invention idea.

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