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    All Coffee
    Kinetic Koffee Blonde Bomb-Custom Blend Light Full-City Roast
    Blonde BombFrom$11.99
    Kinetic Koffee Breakfast Buzz-Custom Blend Medium Vienna Roast
    Breakfast BuzzFrom$11.99
    Kinetic Koffee Dekaf Dekadence. Organic decaffeinated coffee brewed with Swiss water process.
    Dekaf DekadenceFrom$12.99
    Kinetic Koffee Espresso Nero- Custom Espresso Blend Dark Roast
    Espresso NeroFrom$11.99
    Kinetic Koffee Half- Kaf- 50% French Konnexion, 50% DeKaf Dekadence
    Kinetic Koffee Kama Sumatra Dark Roast
    Kama SumatraFrom$12.99